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Employers Protection Data Network (EPDN)

Employers’ threat negation by effective pre-employment applicant screening

Some intellectuals ascribed the success of the American economy as it relates to its workforce with three simple words: "You are fired!"

Namibian employers are not that lucky. Namibian employers have to sail around an array of procedures, the CCMA and even in some cases the labour court in order to dismiss an employee. Employers are even legally prohibited from making adverse statements on an employee’s letter of reference.

This over-protection of the workforce leaves employers vulnerable – especially in cases where the dismissal of an employee was the result of:

  • Theft
  • Unethical behavior
  • Endangerment of the public or other employees
  • Assault, intoxication or drug abuse
  • To name just a few

Employers being unaware of the reasons for dismissal of an employee run the risk of, for example:

  • Employing somebody in a cashier position, when the employee stole money from his previous employer.
  • Employing somebody in a position of trust, when the employee was found guilty of corrupt practices at his previous employer.
  • Employing a truck driver, who was dismissed for reckless endangerment of the public.
  • Placing somebody with a history of violence in the care of children.

An employer, by simply not knowing the history of a potential candidate exposes himself and his company to severe loss or even legal liability.

Enter: Employers Protection Data Network

EP Data Network is a web based database service that:

  • Allows employers to thoroughly screen new applicants
  • Retrieve the entire work history of the applicant
  • Review past disciplinary charges, notes thereof, the verdict as well as whether the matter has been criminally referred.
  • Retrieve the contact details of past employers to make direct contact in order to verify information.
  • Log disciplinary cases leveled against an employee.
  • View past disciplinary cases at previous employers.

The system is membership based. Employers who wish to make use of the system will pay an annual membership/access fee, calculated on the number of employees in his company. In addition, the company will pay a monthly fee per each individual employee, allowing us to maintain and run the system. Costed at N$4.00 per employee per month.

How does it work?

Companies can apply online, or download the application form. Upon receipt, we will process your application. We will establish contact to set up the primary users on the database. Companies will have to provide us with a complete spreadsheet of all the employees in the company. Account activation takes place upon receipt of payment.

Annual membership fees will be billed annually in advance. Monthly maintenance fees will be billed monthly at N$4.00 per employee per month. Members have the option to pay both the membership fees and the monthly maintenance fees in advance for the year – and receive 5% discount on the entire invoice. For these members, adjustments will take place at the end of the year, either resulting in a refund or an amount to be added to the coming year’s invoice, depending on how many employees were added, or left.

Upon activation, members can screen applicants, delve into past disciplinary records and verify stated history. Employees’ details can be updated. Disciplinary records can be logged against an employee. Upon dismissal or resignation, the reason for leaving can be entered by the company.

Employers Protection Data Network is the Namibian business community’s only defense against loss, damage and liability resulting from the actions of employees. This network is for all businesses - from small to large.

Become part of a network, where for the first time in Namibia, businesses look after each other.

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