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Employers Protection Data Network

Welcome to Employers Protection Data Network. Driven and maintained by the Namibian business community, this network is for the protection of business owners!

The true value in any company does not reside in its products or services - the TRUE value is in its personnel.

When appointing a new employee, it is of paramount importance to select the RIGHT employee - not only based on qualifications, but also on work history.

Failing to do so can cost a company dearly! For example, employers would want to avoid:

  • Employing a driver with a history of reckless endangerment or alcohol abuse.
  • Placing a person with a history of violence in the care of children.
  • Appointing a person with a history of theft in an unsupervised position.
  • Investing in the long term training and development of an employee who tends to change positions at very short intervals.
  • To name just a few.

The failure of an employer to properly screen new applicants, may expose the employer to civil and even criminal liability. Making the right decision when employing someone is key!

Employers Protection Data Network is a database driven by the historic employment patterns of employees. It allows employers and companies the ability to:

  1. Verify the accuracy of information on the applicant's curriculum Vitae.
  2. Make contact with previous employers to check references and related information.
  3. Delve into an employee's work history to determine length of stay in any particular position, reasons for leaving, disciplinary actions, criminal history, etc.
  4. Ensure that the applicant you wish to employ is thoroughly screened... and perfect for your position.

For the first time in Namibia, employers can now affordably achieve the ability to properly screen applicants and enjoy a heightened level of protection that has never existed for employers in the Namibian labour landscape.

To protect you and your company, kindly make use of our Membership Application Page.

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